The church treasurer’s role is among the most important jobs in the church, but it’s usually a volunteer position, and there are a lot of eccentricities to church accounting. These things only apply to churches, not other enterprises. In the following seminar, Larry Roberts, chief operating officer of the FMCUSA, explains the basics that every church needs to know about getting organized, paying the pastor, issuing receipts, and more. The entire seminar lasts 37 minutes, but it’s also available in six bite-sized pieces on the topics listed below that run individually from 3 to 13 minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn everything you’ll need to know to keep your church legal and operating with integrity!

An Online Teaching Seminar by FMCUSA Chief Operating Officer Larry Roberts

Chapter 1 – Getting Organized and Started

Getting Organized and Started

Chapter 2 – Compensating And Reimbursing

Compensating And Reimbursing

Chapter 3 – Insurance


Chapter 4 – Receipts and Taxes

Receipts and Taxes

Chapter 5 – Buying, Mortgaging and Selling Property

Buying, Mortgaging and Selling Property

Chapter 6 – Relationship Between Church and FMCUSA

Relationship Between Church and FMCUSA