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Church & Nonprofit Tax & Financial Guide from ECFA

226-page PDF from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) is easy to use, cutting through the complexity of taxes and finances. 2023 edition, for 2022 tax returns.

Recent Developments

Churches and nonprofits have continued to feel the significant impacts of the coronavirus
pandemic on their operations in 2021.

While charitable giving to the majority of ECFA-accredited ministries has remained steady or even increased during the pandemic (see, there have been a host of other challenges during this time, including an increased demand for the services of nonprofits, disruptions in programs, rising inflation, a shortage of workers and drastic shifts in the workforce, along with keeping up with constant changes in the legal and regulatory environment.

Just a few of the major Recent Developments highlights from the past year are summarized below. For more information and to stay current on all the latest news and updates impacting your ministry, visit the “In the News” page at and subscribe to ECFA’s YouTube channel.

    • Congressional COVID-relief measures for employers.
    • Enhanced charitable giving incentives.
      • “Universal” charitable deduction.
      • Increased percentage limits on charitable contributions.
    • Challenges to state donor disclosure mandates.
    • Senators introduce bipartisan bill to accelerate payouts from donor advised funds.
    • Workers for religious nonprofits may now qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
    • Accepting cryptocurrency contributions.
    • Key federal tax limits, rates, and other data.
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