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Ministers’ Tax & Financial Guide from ECFA

206-page PDF produced by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) is a step-by-step guide to making ministers’ taxes easier. 2023 Guide for 2022 Tax Returns.

Recent Developments

Congress has extended certain COVID-relief tax measures from 2020 as well as introduced several new ones in 2021. This is all in addition to the usual complexities of the world of ministers’ taxes!

Just a few of the major Recent Developments highlights from the past year are summarized below. Formore information and to stay current on all the latest news andupdates impacting your ministry, stay tuned to the “In the News” page at and subscribe to ECFA’s YouTube channel.

    • Congressional COVID-relief measures for ministers.
      • Economic Impact Payments.
      • Child Tax Credits.
    • Enhanced charitable giving incentives.
      • Universal” charitable deduction.
      • Increased percentage limits on charitable contributions.
    • Workers for religious nonprofits may now qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
    • Clergy Act Status.
    • Key federal tax limits, rates, and other data.
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